I came across this old photo while cleaning out closets the other day.  It was taken back in 2003 when I was fresh out of high school, and singularly marks the beginning of my love for photography.  It's a photo of Florence, Italy, taken right near the Duomo (the city's central and most famous cathedral).  It's very strange to me that I happened to stumble across it just days before we fly out to Florence to see our dear friends Josh and Lou, who happen to live within walking distance of the place where I took this photo seven years ago.  And, not only are we going to Florence, but we're also going to London, where I was first introduced to the beauty of film and learned to use a darkroom.  So here I am, years after I fell in love with photography, making a living taking photos and heading back to the places where it all began.  I hope to return home with roll upon roll of beautiful images taken with a new perspective, not just on photography, but on the world I find worthy of being photographed.  Michelangelo said of his sculptures that the sculptor's part was merely to discover the beautiful form that already existed within the piece of stone.  Perhaps this is true of photography as well.  That we as photographers do not create, but rather discover the images around us waiting to be captured.  Wish us luck on our adventure!

By the way, I took this with a disposable C-41 Black & White camera.  Do they even make those anymore?