At Studio A, one of our biggest goals is to create classic images that will have a certain timeless quality to them as they age. To do this, we often find ourselves looking back at old, famous images for inspiration, taking note of the features that have kept these photographs alive for so long. One particular feature that we have never explored is hand-coloring (partly because of the unfortunate recurrence of selective hand-coloring, which was a trend that we feel dated itself the first time around). But before there was color film, there was hand-coloring, and it plays a really fun and important role in early "color" photographs (remember all the pinups and war posters?). The following image is one of our own experiments in hand-coloring. We started with a black-and-white image of Josh, and proceeded to color different features of the photograph with what we thought were accurate and appropriate colors.

I had a lot of fun with this and really loved the way it turned out. I only hope it doesn't look too much like it was shot in color to begin with!

What are your thoughts?